Preventing Opossums from Returning: Tips for Securing Your Property

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Preventing Opossums from Returning: Tips for Securing Your PropertyOpossums are fascinating creatures, but when they decide to reside on your property, they can quickly become a nuisance. From rummaging through trash to nesting in attics, opossums can cause damage and create unsanitary conditions. But you can prevent these marsupials from returning to your land by taking the proper precautions. Here are some essential tips for securing your property and deterring opossums:

Seal Entry Points: Opossums are opportunistic creatures and will take advantage of any opening in your home or property to gain access. Inspect your property for gaps in fences, holes in walls, or openings in attics and crawl spaces. Seal these entry points with sturdy materials such as wire mesh or metal flashing to prevent opossums from entering.

Secure Trash Bins: Opossums are attracted to food sources, including garbage bins. Use tight-fitting lids on trash cans and secure them with bungee cords or weights to prevent opossums from accessing the contents. Consider storing trash bins in a garage or shed, especially overnight when opossums are most active.

Remove Food Sources: Opossums are scavengers and will feed on various food items, including pet food left outdoors, fallen fruits, and bird seeds. Keep pet food inside and pick fruit off trees regularly. Use bird feeders designed to deter opossums, such as ones with baffles or elevated platforms.

Trim Vegetation: Opossums are skilled climbers who use overhanging branches or dense vegetation as pathways onto your property. Trim tree limbs away from your house and remove dense shrubbery near buildings to eliminate potential hiding spots and access points for opossums.

Install Motion-Activated Lights and Sound Devices: Opossums are nocturnal animals often deterred by bright lights and loud noises. Install motion-activated lights around the perimeter to frighten away opossums and prevent them from entering your property. You can also use sound devices emitting high-frequency noises designed to repel wildlife.

Utilize Natural Repellents: Several natural substances, such as cayenne pepper or garlic powder, are unpleasant to opossums and should be avoided. You can apply these repellents to the boundary of your property or use commercial repellents that contain ammonia or urine from predators. Reapply these repellents regularly, especially after rain.

Consider Professional Removal: If opossums have already taken up residence on your property, consider contacting a professional wildlife removal service. Experts with the necessary training can remove opossums from your property in a safe manner while taking preventative steps to make sure they don’t return.

By implementing these tips and making your property less inviting to opossums, with the help of AAA Kyle’s Wildlife Removal, you can effectively prevent them from returning and avoid the damage and inconvenience they can cause. With a proactive approach to wildlife management, you can enjoy a peaceful and opossum-free environment.

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